Tuesday 29 November 2016

The Importance of Unit Testing During Software Development

Every software application must first be extensively tested before deployment – or it makes sense to do so, at any rate. A large number of companies rush product deployment without adequate testing and end up shooting themselves in the foot with a shoddy product. Performance testing – and unit testing especially – can save your company a lot of money and trouble in the long run. 

What is unit testing?

Unit testing is usually the first level of software testing, followed by integration testing, system testing, and then acceptance testing. It involves testing the smallest unit of software for bugs or design inconsistencies. In object-oriented programming, a unit is a method (and not a module), while in procedural oriented programming, it can be a program or a function or procedure within the program.

If you’re not familiar with software programming, modern software applications are usually made up of small parts called units or packages. These units each have an individual function and are fitted together seamlessly to produce a fully functioning application.

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Why should you worry about unit testing?

Unit testing can save you a lot of time and money. Developers should carry out unit testing themselves instead of relying on external testers. Here are some benefits of unit testing:

You can manage your application better with unit testing, as it gives you an idea how long it’s going to take to build a fully functional product. You will be able to allocate enough resources and time for your application’s development after understanding how its smallest part work.

Unit testing can help you understand your application better -you will be able to understand the conditions your code is being subjected to and make changes to improve its performance.
You will be able to reduce the number of bugs from the very beginning. That way, you won’t have to carry out extensive tests and redesign your application later (or, in horror scenarios, after product deployment).  

When developing a business app on PHP or .NET core – or any other platform – ensure your development team carries out extensive unit testing, so you get a good product. If you’re hiring external developers, ask them about their testing practices before hiring them. 

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