Monday 28 November 2016

Pros and Cons of Wearable Tech You Should Know

Wearable technology has been making waves globally since Apple introduced its first generation Apple Watch in 2015. While there were several wearable devices introduced in the market before the Apple Watch (like Fitbit HR), the device has become a global phenomenon and remains the most popular piece of wearable technology in the market.  

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Many people and organizations worldwide are on the fence about purchasing wearable technology, though. If you are planning to purchase some wearable tech in the future, here are some interesting facts we thought you should know:


1. Hands-free access to information: Wearable tech devices are designed to give you access to information without the constant need to tap buttons like you do with your smartphone. You can get access to information – like message notifications or a review about the place you are visiting – automatically or with a gesture. 

2. Healthcare Benefits: Wearable technology is being adopted by healthcare providers worldwide to make it easier to diagnose and treat diseases, as well as to help users keep track of their health needs.
3. They look good: Some wearables devices make a great fashion statement and can complement your regular casual or business look. 


1. Radiation and health care: While wearables can help you keep track of your health, some of them may emit heat and radiation that may hurt your body with prolonged use. 

2. They are harder to use because they are small: It’s harder to make accurate taps on or read content on the tiny screens most wearable devices have. Some are also positioned awkwardly, which makes it hard for them to be used conveniently. 

3. Low battery life at the moment: Wearable devices tend to have a short battery life. Manufacturers are doing their best to address this problem though by introducing solar panels for solar charging, or movement-based charging.  

As wearable technology advances, we expect the cons listed here to become irrelevant at some point in the future. Wearable technology is clearly here to stay – and, if you’re an entrepreneur or health care service provider, this is perhaps the best time to enter the market with a wearable product or an app. Consult Openwave to know more!

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