Sunday 27 November 2016

Keep Your Audience in Mind While Developing your Mobile App

App downloads are expected to double over the next four years, according to expert estimates. Apple reported recently that over 160 billion apps have been downloaded from its store till date – so you can see that a staggering number of apps will be downloaded over the next few years. 

If you're planning on building a new app, it's vital for you to keep your audience in mind during the deployment stage to maximise your app's chances of success. 

Here are some pointers that can help during the development and marketing process:

Who’s going to find your app most useful?

Are kids going to be using your app, or is it meant to be an in-house communication app for your company? Your website should be geared to the preferences of your target audience. Smartphone users tend to be a picky bunch, in general – they use innovative apps designed by some of the top developers in the world on a regular basis and expect new apps to be on that level. 

Have you tested it out in a real world environment? 

An app that has slow loading times or isn’t optimised for some devices is sure to fail. You need to carry out extensive testing in a real world environment to ensure your app runs well without lagging and doesn’t have any major bugs. 

Companies often rush through the development process without bothering to test their product. There is nothing more annoying to an experienced smartphone user than an unfinished or unpolished product. 

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Pay attention to user opinion about your app and act immediately 

The reviews your app garners will play a significant role in its popularity. If your app has a five-star review, users are four times more likely to download it than if it had a three-star one. Paying attention to user complaints and addressing them immediately without wasting any time can help make your app popular overnight.

Hiring an experienced app development team will also help a lot. If your development team has launched successful apps before, their experience will come in very handy when you launch your app. 

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