Tuesday 6 December 2016

How to enhance Conversion Rates on your eCommerce Store?

Getting an eCommerce store going isn’t easy, as you may well know. You face direct or indirect competition from retail giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and you constantly have to keep rethinking marketing strategies to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving eCommerce world. 

Here are some easy ways you can boost conversion rates on your eCommerce store:

What do you sell? 

Can your customers tell what you are selling within the first 3 seconds of landing on your site? Users have short attention spans – they won’t stick around if you aren’t able to explain what you’re selling in quick time.

Don’t separate customers from their shopping cart 

Psychologically speaking, we all expect to receive something of value when we pay for it. When customers buy from an eCommerce store, you should avoid inducing separation anxiety by separating them from their cart during the checkout process, like some stores do. 

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Make navigation as easy as possible 

Your store should be as easy to navigate as possible. Use the sticky navigation design to make your menu accessible even when visitors are scrolling. When displaying products, use a grid layout and be clear about the pricing and the shipping – nobody likes surprise charges.  

Make your site load faster 

Your store has to be able to load fast, even on mobile devices. If it takes more than four seconds to load a page, users will probably abandon your website and check out a competitor’s store. 

Pitch again 

Sometimes it’s possible to convert a customer that has “bounced” from your store, especially if they’re planning to buy a product later or are on the fence about it. Don’t write off your bounce list – use remarketing strategies to convert them. 

Reassure your customers 

You need to win your customers’ trust if you want them to share their credit card details. You can do that by having great security and an easy returns policy – with “trust marks” prominently displayed everywhere. 

It may also help to move to a different platform – like Magento –if your store is underperforming or you can get an m-commerce app and target mobile users. It pays to consult Openwave experts, and it may be a good idea to have experienced developers Malaysia to optimize your store for you.

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