Thursday 10 November 2016

Top Benefits of Picking ASP.NET for your Business Project

Before the year 1997, websites were static and had to be updated manually, which was a huge drain on time and resources. Microsoft introduced the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology to allow developers to build dynamically updating websites, web services, and applications. At the moment, ASP.NET is a very popular framework, used by countless developers and organizations worldwide. 

Here are some of the top benefits of picking ASP.NET for your business project:

1. ASP.NET is virtually language independent, which means that you can use a language of your choice – or multiple languages for that matter – for the coding. You are free to choose from over 25 languages like C# and VB.NET. 

2. ASP.NET allows you to do more with less code. It is an efficient language that promotes code reusability. web development

3. It is very easy to deploy with ASP.NET, as you don’t have to register components like you have to do with some other platforms

4. Microsoft makes Visual Studio compatible with ASP.NET, which lets you take advantage of several advanced tools to automate some of your work. You get access to drag and drop tools, WYSIWYG and a developer environment that lets you catch mistakes on the fly. 

5. ASP.NET always executes on the server before sending information to your browser. This capability means that you can tweak it and make it more efficient, and it will always execute very fast. 

6. ASP.NET has built-in Windows authentication, and configurations native to every application, which makes your application as secure as possible. 

7. As ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework, you can take advantage of all the framework’s built-in features like automatic caching. 

8. ASP.NET allows you to code logically, separating code for content and the program itself.

9. ASP.NET is an affordable solution, especially these days as a significantly larger number of developers are beginning to code with it. 

You need professional help to make a website, web service or web application with ASP.NET if you want to build something outstanding, useful and long-lasting. There are many professional developers malaysia out there that work on ASP.NET on a per-project basis at an affordable price.

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