Thursday 10 November 2016

Easy Steps to Building your First WordPress Website

Are you planning on building a new WordPress website and can’t wait to get started? Building a website on WordPress is very easy, especially if you have a clear idea about what you’re planning to do with your website. 

Here is our simple guide to building a stunning WordPress website in some easy-to-follow steps:

Come up with core aspects of your website

Your website must have basic building blocks that must work together to create a fully functional, informative and engaging website. These building blocks will vary, but most websites will need a homepage, a marketing page, a customer testimonials page, a payment getaway, information about products and services, a contact page as well as links to social media sites. Once you know what your website will include, it’s very easy to make those pages.

Tell a compelling story to your visitors

You have to tell a compelling story about yourself or your business to get visitors engaged and to stand out from the other billion websites on the internet. A compelling story helps you stick in the visitor’s mind. 

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Use images and videos

Are you planning on selling products or services? A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. Use high-definition images wherever possible, and make videos that enhance user experience.

Provide visitors with useful plug-ins and other services

WordPress gives you access to a large number of free plug-ins that can provide visitors with a host of useful services. Don’t forget to take advantage of them. 

Monetize your website

If you’re planning on making money through your website, make sure you link up with trusted payment getaways and keep everything above board to make your website trustworthy. 

Provide concise contact information

Your contact information has to be clearly visible on your website, to solve customer problems and answer business queries.

Testimonials and social media matter 

Clearly visible testimonials will help visitors understand your products and services better and help them build trust with your business. 

Creating a website using WordPress isn’t too hard because you have access to a lot of free support and online resources that can guide you every step of the way. You can also hire wordpress developers short-term to help you with it at an affordable rate in Malaysia.

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