Monday 14 November 2016

Encourage Customers to Buy From You by Streamlining the Online Payment Process

One of the main reasons why some web stores have high bounce rates is a sketchy payment process. It’s essential that your payment process is as optimised and secure as possible to improve conversion rates. Most people don’t feel safe about buying online, especially when it comes to buying from businesses they’re not familiar with. 

Here are some ways you can win customer trust by optimising the online payment process from your website:

Make sure the security on your site is up-to-date

About 60% of all customers won’t make a purchase from a website if they are worried about a website’s security. You need to assure your customers your website is safe to buy from – always keep it up to date and display security certificates prominently on your site.

Provide a handful of convenient payment options 

You need to accept payments from as many mediums as possible to make things easy for customers, including PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, BitCoins and mobile wallets. 

Online payment Portal

Don’t force customers to sign-in 

Nothing is more annoying to customers than a website that requires them to sign-in just to make purchases. 

Localize your site and payment currencies

If you’re selling globally, you should localize your website’s content for foreign audiences. Also, make sure you accept payment in some popular currencies. 

Use a well-known checkout process layout

While the checkout design you've designed on your website may be very efficient, you will scare customers away if it isn't something they're used to. It's best if you copy the checkout process used by online retail giants like Amazon and eBay instead of coming up with a new one. 

Make the checkout process transparent and always be available to customers

Always make sure that your checkout process is as transparent as possible. Also, make customer service available to customers in case they face problems during purchasing. 

The better designed your website is and more legit it appears, the more likely it is that your clients will purchase from you. If you’re still having trouble with conversion rates, there are some experienced professional developers in Malaysia you can hire to beef up the security on your website.

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