Tuesday 15 November 2016

The 5 Minute Guide to Monetizing your Website

Have you been pulling out all the stops recently to build a stunning website with engaging content? You should know that it takes more than solid content to keep a site afloat – you need money too. It’s not viable to build a website for most people unless it can support itself – so to speak – in the long run.

Here are some easy ways to monetize your website:

Generate revenue from advertising 

One of the fastest ways to make money from your site is to opt for Pay Per Click or Pay Per View advertising. You get paid a very small amount every time someone clicks on or views an add third-party sponsors place on your website. This revenue generation model is only viable for very popular websites, though.  

Sell products and services directly 

Thanks to DIY eCommerce platforms like X-Cart, it has now become easy to sell products and services to a global audience by building a web store. 

Create a members-only area with premium content and charge a fee for it

If you have expert knowledge about a subject – like psychology – you can write articles about it and try to find customers willing to pay for it.  

Use affiliate marketing to earn commissions

Affiliate marketing involves driving traffic to third-party websites. For every sale made through traffic from your site, you get a cut.  

Sell information about customers and clients to interested parties

You can sell information about your visitors – like email IDs and phone numbers – to third parties, but this is not a recommended strategy as visitors are likely to get annoyed by it.  

Allow people to sell on your website 

You can make money through the “market” model by transforming your website into a marketplace anyone can sell products on, like eBay. 

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Sell digital products if you’re strapped for cash

If you don’t have much money to invest, you can always sell digital products like software and eBooks to make cash.  

It will take a pretty long time to make a significant amount of revenue from your website. It’s important not to be discouraged and keep putting in the effort to make money from it. If everything fails, you can also hire experienced developers for help with tweaking your website.

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