Tuesday 8 November 2016

Top Features to Include On Your Multilingual WordPress Website

Are you looking to go global with your business and translate your website into some languages? It’s easy to translate a small website comprised of 10 pages, but when we’re talking about a website that has more than 50 pages, it can be a major headache. You need to put a lot of careful thought into designing your WordPress website to avoid problems later.

Here are the top features every multilingual WordPress website should have:

Auto-Detect the Language of Your Visitors

The easiest and most efficient way to get your website to show the right language to your visitors is using the language they use to surf on their browsers. Your website can be configured to auto-detect a visitor’s language and redirect them to a translated version of your website. Using IP addresses for language settings can be tricky – the language you show them may not be to their preference, for example, or they may just be travelling through that country.

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You Will Need the Services of a Human Translator

Machine translated content just doesn’t make the cut. While Google translate will be able to help with technical language, wordplay is beyond it. You will need to hire a team of human translators to tailor your content for different countries.

Flags for Language Selection Should Be Avoided

You should avoid using flags for making language selections, even if it looks good. English is not just spoken in the United States and the UK, for example, and you risk alienating visitors from other countries.

Use WordPress Plugins like WPML and Polylang to Speed Things Up

WordPress has several paid multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang that help you customize your content for other languages. WPML is regularly updated and helps you automate many of the features we listed above, and it supports about 40 languages. With WPML, you can get access to all your translated content in one location, making it easy to manage.

If you’re not very techno savvy, it’ll be worth your while to hire the services of professional developers in Malaysia for your WordPress website. You can hire developers on a short-term basis, and they should be able to help you extract the most out of WordPress plug-ins and other features.

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