Monday 21 January 2019

Implement 4 Key Features In Your App To Boost On-demand Pick-up And Delivery

We live in an age of instant gratification which is highly demanding of services. To cope-up with escalating demands, we need to equip ourselves with efficient and robust mechanisms that allow us to perform well and bring about customer satisfaction simultaneously. With the help of a mobile application, it is quite possible to carry-out activities systematically and fulfill duties as a pick-up and delivery service provider, be it for anything - food, household items, special packages, anything.

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1) Track services real-time:

The ability to keep track of your service enables you to regulate key processes that make or break your business. When a customer avails your service from the app, you can immediately assign your employee to carry-out the respective task and fulfill the duty without much hassle. You can also automate this process using optimized software to achieve seamless performance. It is important to check the status of your drivers and vehicles. Moreover, this ensures that services are delivered efficiently, without delay.

2) Enable scheduling:

Allowing customers to schedule the pick-up and delivery through your app is a very important feature because this caters for convenience. Going by what comforts customers is the best way to earn customer trust and loyalty. Additionally, more than saving time, it helps both parties plan around process better thereby improving productivity.

3) In-app chat for convenience:

Integrating in-app chat options will minimize efforts from both sides, subsequently accelerating the entire process. While customers can get instant responses for queries, all booking details can be shared and recorded. This paves way for a clear form of communication. Providing customer care like this is actually preferred by customers themselves today. So, employing this feature will certainly benefit your pick-up and delivery service.

4) Provide alerts and reminders:

After confirmation of details and scheduling, sending notifications of alerts and reminders will ensure your customers that you are taking this job seriously. This improves your trustworthiness and reliability. Also, this will ensure that they don’t forget that they have availed your service since they might be busy with other things. This feature is important to overcome the fast-moving nature of our world today.

By deploying all these features perfectly, you will have your conversions shoot through the roof! If you are looking for a Mobile App Development Company in Malaysia, connect with Openwave! We house an arsenal of experts who are only one call away from delivering the best! Call us now to know more!

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