Tuesday 31 July 2018

Wearables - Everything You Need To Know

With Google Watch and iWatch now becoming popular, the era of wearables is upon us! Today we have fitness bands that calculate steps walked, calories burnt etc. and watches that receive and make calls. This growth in wearable technology is showing no signs of stopping! This incrementing trend is benefiting us hugely; wearable app development has become a stellar domain today!

Here are 3 trends in the wearable world as of 2018:

1) "Smarter"-watches: Smartwatches have been in this game for a while and are evolving at a tremendous pace. They allow wearers to monitor fitness, control the phone remotely and send emails! Rumored to be in development, smartwatches might be able to link with other appliances and become a major component of IoT! Current technological stats suggest that the future smartwatches will not only be better than phones but might even replace them!

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2) Healthcare: Saving lives is a huge job and doctors/nurses need all the help they can get. Technology is the first in line to send aid! With smart-devices, doctors can monitor a patient's details every minute. Several companies have already implemented this technology. Zephyr anywhere’s BioPatch is a device that when placed on the patient's chest provides in-depth medical-grade data. Similarly, ReSound LiNX2 is a hearing aid that allows users to control it through an iPhone app!

3) Smart apparel: Smart glasses have long since been in the tech ecosystem and have evolved magnificently today! Smart-apparel is taking wearable app development technology to the next level! These glasses are used to simulate VR, AR experiences and industries like gaming; real-estate is utilizing these to the fullest. Similarly, smart-clothes are being made; these allow tracking wearer's data like fatigue, breathing statistics and so on! 

Soon enough we will witness IoT as a wearable component and we'll live in a technologically interlinked ecosystem! Want to get yourself a wearable mobile app made? Call Openwave and hire our mobile app developers today! Aided by them, you will get a world-class app in no time.

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