Wednesday 8 November 2017

Why should businesses move from Etsy to WooCommerce?

Incorporated in 2005, Etsy has been a highly powerful marketplace where millions of Artists, Designers, and Handicraft merchants can showcase their wares and make sales on the same. It has served as the de facto Amazon for arts-and-craft buyers from across the globe. However, with changing times, Etsy is no longer considered a choice by the new crop of retailers who have opted to develop their own eCommerce store.

If you are a creative commerce retailer who deals with such products, then it is time for you to migrate from Etsy to building your own Online Cart using WooCommerce. Here’s why:

Lower Fees: Etsy charges up to $0.20 per product that is marketed on their marketplace. This is a huge fee that adds to the buyers and the retailers. By building an online shopping boutique, retailers can avoid such fees and bring all their products under the same roof. They can also save up to 3-4% on bank transaction fees.

More screen space to display products:
On a third-party eCommerce platform like Etsy, the space available for retailers to show their wares in different modes and angles are limited. Also, unique themes for products and categorization cannot be done on Etsy. On the other hand, on a one’s own eCommerce website, businesses can let their creativity run amok and woo their customers using WooCommerce development.

Woo Commerce Website development

Customer Information: This is a highly crucial benefit. By fronting a dedicated store, businesses can motivate customers to create free accounts with them and furnish their information. This helps companies learn more about their shoppers and allows them to use this for their market study and planning.

Better brand awareness: Building a brand can be easier if products are promoted through a dedicated eCommerce website as no competing products can be showcased as an option thereby helping loyalists remain loyal to the brand without searching for alternatives. They can also offer personalized discounts and deals for regular customers.

Boost market exposure: This is another important benefit. By building a dedicated eCommerce platform, businesses can run AdWords campaigns under the name of the business. Augmented by Google analytics, businesses can re-target their customers and drive sales effectively.

Moving from Etsy to WooCommerce is also easy thanks to the expertise of firms such as Openwave. The company can help move your entire product inventory to a WooCommerce store in an affordable and efficient manner.

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