Monday 9 October 2017

3 promising Magento features that will amplify your B2B profits in 2017

Magento has long remained a powerful eCommerce offering, standing out sharply amongst a clutter of various solutions. It outperforms other platforms through its extensive scalability, interface, features, and plugins. Despite its vast resourcefulness and being touted as the market leader when it comes to eCommerce development, the platform’s full potential has been left unexplored.

Here we’ll highlight the top 3 features of Magento that will enhance B2B revenue in 2017:

1)Different price groups:

The business-to-business world is far more complex and demanding since it requires dealing with diverse clients from across the globe. This might call for varying prices based on the geographic location or the purchasing power of the target customer group. With Magento, it is possible to set up structured pricing for prescribed customer groups. 

Tiered pricing allows you to secure a better price by encouraging your business clients to spend more. And how about personalized discounts? Magento has got that covered too! The platform is also capable of altering the price dynamically with respect to the order frequency.

2)Quick bulk ordering

Magento’s Enterprise Edition includes a host of benefits for B2B customers, of which there’s one that stands out - the ability to bulk order easily. In doing so, Magento offered B2B companies a solution that has long remained unfulfilled by other eCommerce platforms. 

Previously time-consuming bulk orders are now simplified by Magento. This makes making an RM1 million order seem as simple as ordering an RM10 T-shirt. A seamless, quick and hassle-free shopping experience, in turn, translates into better returns.

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3)ERP connectivity:

Critical insight into business data is essential to drive decisions that amplify revenue – and that’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can prove to be useful. Designed as a tool to harness information from different business areas, it ultimately links planning, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and other aspects of a business. 

Magento’s capability to merge with third-party applications makes it an excellent choice to incorporate ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NetSuite, JD Edwards, Eclipse, etc.

These three features are only the tip of the iceberg as Magento holds immense power to give your B2B company an edge over others and rake in increased revenues. If you want to tap into this platform’s unlimited benefits, team up with skilled Magento developers in Malaysia today.

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