Thursday 3 August 2017

How Mobile Apps are Transforming Leading Businesses across the World?

It’s 2017, an age where the mobile app industry is at its peak and consumers just can’t get enough of it. Providing a medium for businesses to connect with their customers, apps are an excellent way to forge profitable relationships and accelerate business growth. However, apps can do more than that! With enterprise mobile apps development gaining momentum, apps are now being used to streamline several business processes. 

How Are Businesses Using Apps?

Several businesses are using mobile apps to increase awareness, reinforce their brand and provide an effective channel of communication to customers. Besides, apps can give workplaces greater inter-connectivity, allowing employees access to vital data, boosting collaboration, improving work processes, automating manual tasks and provide better customer support in real-time. In fact, enterprise mobility solutions are growing at such a rapid rate that it’s expected to hit $500 billion by 2020.

Who’s Using it?

Some of the world’s renowned brands have already embraced the mobile revolution with welcome arms and own a mobile application that does more than boosting customer engagement. Here are a few examples of the same:

#1) Starbucks

The story of Starbucks’ mobile transformation is one that’s told all too often, providing inspiration to how a simple idea can reap rich dividends. Designed to allow its coffee aficionados to skip long queues and grab their favorite cup of hot coffee, till date the app has over 1,000,000 installs on Android, considerably boosting sales and increasing revenue.

#2) IKEA

The leading brand offering ready-to-assemble furniture has now come with an amazing app. You can take a picture of the place where you want to install the furniture in and visualize how it would look. With this innovative feature, IKEA has truly transformed the decision-making process of users.

#3) Nike

Nike, the manufacturer of world-class footwear, isn’t far behind in the race. The Nike+ Run Club app is a highly useful fitness training app that provides users a measure of their running sessions. It also incorporates social media and allows users to connect and compete with others users, making running more fun than ever.

#4) Domino’s Pizza 

Domino’s Pizza app needs no introduction. The app interconnects stores across the region and makes it easy for customers to choose what they need, customize toppings and get fresh pizza served right at their doorstep. 

#5) Shell

Shell, the global oil and gas giant, provides an app named ‘Shell motorist’ that not only markets their services, but also provides significant additional functionality. Users can plan their journey with shortest routes; locate the nearest Shell fuel pumps and more.

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