Tuesday 8 August 2017

5 must-have Drupal modules to bolster the security of the website

Security is a prime concern in the modern day web environment, owing to the rapid proliferation of online security threats. From malware to ransomware to unexpected shutdowns, the rising cyber crime network poses an increased threat to businesses. The only way to protect one’s website from attacks is to add multiple layers of security to make the website virtually hack-proof. Drupal is one of the most powerful CMS and boasts a tremendous array of features secure websites.

If you’re already using a Drupal CMS website or are planning to, here’s a list of five must-have modules that can be used to make the site impregnable:

1)    Security Kit 

It is a module that ensures security under four categories – cross-site scripting, clickjacking, SSL/TLS and site request forgery. Its secure options lower the risk of exposure to threats, minimizing the website’s vulnerability to attack. With over 26000+ websites using it, it’s definitely a must-have module.

2) Password Policy

The module is used to prescribe a set of parameters that need to be met before the site accepts the password. Generating the password can be defined with constraints such as character length, capitalization, use of special characters and more, to make passwords tough to crack.

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3) Security Review

The module automatically runs checks on your site and tests it for any potential mistakes that make the site insecure.  It does not automatically apply the fix, but proves useful in determining what needs to be fixed, which can be done manually. Passing the module’s checks assures you of a website that is substantially secure.

4) Secure Pages Hijack Prevention

It’s the perfect module to add additional security to the pages. In the case of a hijack, the module prevents access to SSL pages to hijackers. While non-SSL pages are accessible when hijacked, it effectively secures the SSL pages, thus securing the most important pages of a website.

5) Username Enumeration Prevention

Despite the high-end security offered by Drupal websites, it doesn’t eliminate chances of exploitation. Attackers can easily hack a site through a username, making username protection vital. By incorporating this module, attackers who use the ‘forgot password’ option to find usernames will be unable to do so.

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