Wednesday 5 July 2017

How to maintain your WordPress business site in optimal condition?

You invest time and money in developing the perfect WordPress website – but unfortunately, that’s where it ends. Most website owners do not give a second thought to what comes after – and that’s maintenance. Maintaining your WordPress site is important to tackle a variety of issues that arise during operation, eliminate potential security threats, boost performance and rank better in search engines.

Here are five tips that can help you maintain your website to ensure optimum performance at all times:

#1: Boost speed 

With time, users go increasingly impatient and demand faster load times. Anything that takes more than a few seconds to load is bound to turn your customers away. Make sure you optimize existing images and any new images you upload. A CDN plugin can also enhance performance significantly.

#2: Security matters

If you leave your site vulnerable, it will eventually get hacked. You need to take proactive steps to maintain security. Choose a secure admin password, install security plugins such as Better WP Security and always backup your site regularly to restore normalcy in case of an attack.

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#3: Focus on SEO

Let’s face it; the more you slacken off on your SEO strategy, the more you slip behind on SERPs. Ongoing SEO is essential to maintain a good ranking and also to improve consistently. Release fresh content, use keywords wisely and ensure appropriate ‘Alt’ tags are inserted for new images.

#4: Keep the dashboard neat

Make sure your dashboard is kept as clean and organized as possible. Get rid of old themes, publish/delete your trackbacks, and make sure you update any plugins/themes as and when available. These simple measures will make sure your dashboard is less cluttered.

#5: Optimize content

The key to maintaining optimum performance is to get a good stream of content flowing on your website. Content creation is not a one-time task. Publishing new content is the best way to notify users that you’re actively involved and is an excellent means of building your customer base. Also, ensure you’re adding social buttons to hook in an audience from such channels.

With these tips, your website will gain momentum and retain it in order to keep traffic coming in consistently. If you lack the expertise to develop or maintain your website, you can always reach out to expert WordPress developers in Malaysia for assistance.

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