Wednesday 14 June 2017

Improve the Security of your iPhone through These Simple Methods

iPhone security is commonly taken for granted. People have a habit of thinking that a password alone suffices in preventing unwanted access to their device. However, cyber criminals and hackers are becoming more resourceful than ever, and it would always help in adding a few more layers of protection to shield the data within the iPhone.  In this article, we’re going to be discussing a few simple ways to boost security: 

Two stage identification

A majority of websites of the day utilize not one, but two levels of identification for improved security. This is known as 'two-factor’ identification, and it brings a reduced risk. Certain iPhones may offer such a feature. However, with those that don’t, a third party application can be used for this purpose. An example of such an app is Avatier MFA, which uses fingerprints as well as voice for identity authentication.

Use a safe internet zone

The internet condition is a crucial factor for iPhone security. Using unsafe public WiFi zones could imperil the data in your device by allowing snooping by cyber criminals. As a result, it is important always to use more secure networks of Wi-Fi.

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Biometric identification

Some devices have the option of biometric passwords. This type of security involves using a person’s physical traits to establish their identity, such as the fingerprint. This eliminates the risks associated with passwords and, therefore, keeps the device secure. Breaking into a device with this type of security is much harder than normal.

Make frequent password changes

This is among the simplest ways of guarding the data within a device. Breaking into iPhones is easier these days, and if you allow a password to remain for an extended period, you raise the risks of people guessing it. As a result, it is a great practice to set up a convenient schedule for changing passwords regularly.

These are just a few things that we think can help with iPhone security.  Remaining vigilant is of critical importance in these times, where cyber crime and hacking networks gain stronger tools and escalating ways to infiltrate personal data. 

For developers, it means building safer, more secure iOS apps with features that act as a defense against cyber threats. If you’re looking to develop a highly secure application, you can rely on experienced iOS developers from Openwave.

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