Thursday 15 June 2017

10 exciting features the new iOS 11 adds to iPhone and iPad apps

The wait is over! Apple unveiled its latest OS version – iOS 11 – on June 5, 2017, and was met with a staggering response from its user community. The promising new OS comes loaded with a host of impressive features that are bound to enhance user experience. Also, Apple has redefined development strategies in tune with the latest enhancements of the version to allow developers to build novel applications. Let’s take a look at what Apple has in store for iPhone/iPad users:

The ARKit

Forming the center of attention is Apple’s ambitious release of ARKit along with this version. Designed to allow developers to imbue Augmented Reality elements in applications, it’s all set to take interaction to a whole new level.

Screen Recording

Unlike the earlier versions that required the use of third-party apps, iOS 11 comes preloaded with a screen recorder. Yes, now you can switch on the option in the control center and record your on-screen activity.

One-handed Keyboard Mode

With screen sizes getting bigger, typing now requires two hands – but not with iOS 11’s new features. There’s a one-hand mode that pushes the entire keyboard to one side on the iPhone and also a QuickType feature on iPad that allows quick access to emojis, symbols, etc.

QR Code Scanning

Now you don’t need a separate app to scan QR codes. The updated camera will read all the codes to provide quick sign-in options.

Siri Revamped

Siri just got better, advanced and more efficient. It can now translate English into foreign languages and can interpret a far greater range of words.

FLAC Media Playback is Now Renewed

Audio files compressed using FLAC media playback will no longer display any degradation in music quality.

Multitasking Made Easy

An incredible option added to iPad allows users to access and use two different apps at the same time in a split-screen, thus enabling multitasking

Revamped Dock

iOS 11 brings an all-new dock for the iPad allowing users to switch between an array of apps in an instant. The dock adapts itself according to the device usage.

Express with Apple Pencil

iPad Pro carries an Apple Pencil feature that enables users to create notes using a graphical representation. The tool is quite versatile and executes tasks in a simple manner.

App Offloading:

Getting rid of buggy, glitchy, and error-prone apps can be quite a hassle. iOS 11’s new offload option has now fixed it. 
With an extensive collection of features, iOS 11 is all set to open up new portals for developers to build feature-rich and future-ready applications. Partner with reputed mobile app development company in the Malaysia to get the best solutions!

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