Thursday 13 April 2017

How to Quickly and Permanently Increase App User Engagement?

One in four users will abandon an app after a single use, a recent survey tells us. Only a small percentage of users – less than 40 – will use it more than a handful of times (less than 11). Clearly, developers aren’t focusing enough on user engagement. If you can’t engage users long-term, your mobile app will never be successful and will just cause a huge drain on resources.

Is there a way to minimize abandonment and ramp up user engagement? Here are some proven strategies that can help you do just that:

App Store Optimization
Your app needs to engage with users from the get-go. To do that, you need an attractive description page, positive reviews, beautiful pictures – all of which can be achieved with ASO techniques.

Onboarding is the process of welcoming a user and giving them an introduction to the product when they are using it for the first time. Doing that can help users feel at home and feel more positively about the product.

Push notification support
Some users completely forget about an application once they download it. You can always stay on their mind by sending regular messages or customized offers via push notifications.

Loyalty programs
Give users an incentive for using and coming back to your application often. Reward loyal users with badges, points, or even personal discounts.

Ad-free experience 
Nobody likes ads that detract from the experience. In fact, bombarding users with ads is probably the fastest way to get rid of them. If you must advertise, then keep it light!

Permissions and security
Don’t ask for permissions from users, beyond the basic ones – at least not before they trust your brand. Remind them politely, once in a while, about them.

Lightning-quick performance 
Users don’t want applications that take ages to open and also drain their battery. Build optimized software that runs lightning-quick without draining the battery.

Listening to feedback 
Always keep improving. Listen to user feedback and make them feel that you care about their suggestions, complaints, and concerns.

Working with mobile developers who’ve built successful applications in the past can work wonders for your project. Don’t think twice about teaming up with a mobile development company short-term to make your offering successful.

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