Monday 17 April 2017

Best PayPal-Compatible WordPress Plugins to Make the Payment Process Easy

According to the latest data, over 46% of all shopping cart abandonments happen during the payment stage. That’s a troublingly large amount. Why do customers abandon carts? There are many reasons for it, including surprise shipping charges, a non-mobile-friendly process and – most importantly – a complex process that makes it too difficult for shoppers to purchase. 

If you run a WordPress website and PayPal is your payment getaway, you can make the payment process effortless with the help of these following plugins:

 Use WooCommerce to create a great e-store

WooCommerce is shopping cart software that will turn your regular website into a full-fledged online site. It is free to use and offers all the features found on sites like and lets you sell multiple physical and digital products. Most importantly, it works very well with PayPal. 

Accept donations with PayPal Donations

Don’t sell anything but still want to make money from your site? You can ask visitors for donations through the PayPal Donations plugin. If you create useful content regularly or are planning to launch a noteworthy endeavour, this plugin can secure a lot of support for you. 

Online Payment Portal Website

Put customers’ fears to rest with PayPal Responder

The PayPal Responder service allows you to generate and automatically send an email to customers after they have purchased from you. Buying anything online is risky. With this plugin, you acknowledge the purchase and thank them for their support. You can also send a link that lets them track an incoming courier. 

Accept subscription payments with Paid Memberships Pro 

Do you sell videos, a magazine, or news? With the Paid Memberships Pro, you can collect money from customers or members monthly on a subscription basis. It features support for multiple tiers or groups – like bronze, silver, and gold. With this, you can collect varying amounts of money from subscribers based on the content you’re providing them with. 

Another way to streamline the whole thing is to make sure your web pages load fast and are optimized for mobile devices. You can hire a Wordpress Web development team to do it all for you at an affordable price.

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