Thursday 30 March 2017

How to Allow Users to Open URLs and Local Files in a MobileTogether Business App?

 MobileTogether, by Altova, is a very popular mobile app-building platform geared for businesses. It lets you build data-centric, cross-platform apps quickly and affordably.

What are the benefits of creating a cross-platform mobile application? You will be able to release a single product that will be accessible across a range of platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android.

Allowing Users to Access Local Files and URLs
MobileTogether apps enable users to connect to enterprise backend databases from within the application (that means employees can work via their phones). It’s also possible to allow them to access local files – like images, PDFs, texts - and URLs from within the interface. The Open URL/File action is used to implement the functionality. Why is the feature important? It can make the mobile application an extension of the main desktop-based enterprise-level software.

The Open URL or File action can be linked to a button click (or tap). As soon as the user touches on a link, a Safari (or another browser) window will open, and the user will be transported to a web page. For organisations, it’s possible to link an existing website, blog, or other resources directly to the application. This feature allows employees to access resources easily from their phones.

Please note:
The application stays open when the browser window opens. It’s possible for the user to return to the still-running app quickly by tapping on the return icon at the top left corner of the browser (for iOS).
  • It’s possible for the developer to assign URLs and file names explicitly
  • It’s possible for the user to select an existing file and URL
  • Error handling is easy to implement if the user opens something that isn’t supported

The Open Local File/URL action will depend on the device
The operating system that the MobileTogether application is being run on will determine what the Open Local File/URL action. For example, the user view will be different on iOS and Windows devices. It’s possible for a developer to fully customize app behavior for various operating systems (OS).

You can customize your Mobile Application with our Openwave team

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