Wednesday 29 March 2017

5 Things Every WordPress Developer Should Know

WordPress is currently powering over 26% of the World Wide Web. It is the platform of choice for individual bloggers, startups, and even big businesses (like Sony and the New York Times). A website built with it is easy to setup and affordable to maintain. However, it takes a great deal of technical knowledge and experience to setup an advanced website that is capable of providing a high user experience (UX). 

Here are five things every WordPress developer should account for if they want to build quality websites:

Don’t make changes to core

Some developers have the habit of inserting small bits of code for added functionality or altering the code to customise a website. When the site gets updated, though, these changes are wiped away. That's why you shouldn't modify the core. If you find bugs, report them to the developer of the plugin. If you need to make changes, document extensively.  

Remember to turn on db_debug

A large number of developers never turn on the WP_debug parameter to true (found in the wp-config.php file). If you don’t turn it on, WordPress will rectify errors in the background. That results in incorrect code which can be a big headache later. By turning on debug, you can catch all mistakes before publishing.   

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Optimise the database  

Databases can get bulky and slow with time. By streamlining a database, you can reduce their size and speed up your page and website loading times. You can do it both manually as well as automatically with the help of plugins. 

Queue scripts and styles

Queueing scripts and styles is important. It amounts to giving precise instructions to WordPress. By queuing scripts and styles correctly, WordPress will allocate assets at the right time and in the correct order. It will load scripts in the proper order, without faulty overrides. 

Find quality resources

Finally, WordPress is supported by an extensive development community that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. By searching for quality resources (use search engines or forums), you could end up building a better quality project than you thought possible. 

If you’re not tech-savvy and need a WordPress-based website, you can hire a WordPress development team in Malaysia to build you one.

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