Friday 16 December 2016

Link Your CMS with Your Slide Library for Efficient Data Organization

Many organisations have a large repository of PowerPoint presentations, organised into units known as "Slide Libraries.” Slide libraries allow users to reuse and share PowerPoint files in organisations – files that usually contain valuable business and marketing data. However, if the organization already has a CMS, linking the Slide Library with it can provide a significant number of benefits.

Need to link CMS with the Slide Library

Many organisations use both CMSs and slide libraries, with PowerPoint or SharePoint files duplicates present in both places. Making changes to these files can be cumbersome, as they have to be manually updated in both locations. This manual update method can lead to errors as well as inconsistencies in file content and size.

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Benefits of Slide Library Integration 

It is possible to integrate slide library solutions to your CMS, through the use of the CMIS protocol. Because of the integration, any changes you make to the file in the CMS will get reflected automatically in the slide library. The library software will monitor variations in the CMS and then automatically copy them. You just need to keep the two systems linked through the CMIS protocol.

Because of the integration, you will be able to keep better control over the content in your organisation. You won’t have to update the slide library every time manually, and you will also reduce the file size and possible information errors. Finally, searching for relevant information will be much simpler than before. 

Tips to help with the process

The data security measure you have in place for the CMS must also apply to the slide library. Also, it's not necessary that all the files on the CMS be present in the slide library – you can use filters to reduce the content in the latter. Filtering will minimise the load on the library and make accessing critical information easier.

You can save your organisation a lot of money and keep your data readily accessible by linking the two resource systems. You can hire dedicated developers – on a short-term basis - to manage the process for you at an affordable price.

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