Monday 12 December 2016

5 useful learning websites for .NET Developers

The Microsoft .NET framework is used by developers worldwide to build applications for computer operating systems, for websites, and even for mobile devices. At the moment, there are millions of developers conversant with the platform, and hundreds of thousands of businesses and websites making use of the technology as their software development base.

If you’re curious about the .NET platform, or if you are a new developer trying out the technology, here are some resources you can use to learn more about the world of .NET:

The DevSource is a development magazine from Microsoft, which includes information about all their software technologies currently up-and-running, including the .NET platform. You can learn more about the platforms history and subscribe to a weekly newsletter that gives you updates about new developments. 

Code Project

The Code Project website is where developers from around the world contribute content, and code, that lets you handle problems that crop up during application development. You can learn more about development tricks, get help with a difficult problem, or download code to use in your applications.

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Channel 9 

The Channel 9 service offers informative technology videos, including interviews with experts in the field. They also have videos of visits they paid to the Microsoft campus – you can see how real world development teams work in tandem to create new technology. 


The DotNetNuke is a framework that lets you build ASP.NET applications from scratch. You can download the community edition for free and build your first app on it – making it a good resource for those new to coding. 


Finally, the 4GuysFromRolla website teaches you how to code for the internet using the ASP.NET platform. You can take a look at real-world coding examples on their forum, and learn how to use latest features to make your app load faster and look better. 

As a business owner, it may help you understand your application and your development team better if you do a little research and read up more about the platform. If you’re hiring a .NET development team, you will also be able to tell if they are up to the mark by consulting these resources.

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