Monday 21 November 2016

Quick Steps to Making a New Landing Page on WordPress

Landing pages are a very important part of every business oriented website. It’s where you are supposed to grab your visitors’ attention with attractive, engaging content and get them to interact with your website in some way – like click on a link, buy a product, or subscribe to a newsletter. 

If you own a WordPress website or are planning to build one, it won’t take you very long to make a landing page from scratch. Here are some easy ways to accomplish just that:

Use plug-ins to speed things up

The fastest way to make a landing page is to use a plug-in for it. There are several great plug-ins that you can use, including OptimizePress, LeadPages, and Beaver Builder. However, most plug-ins cost money to use, and some of the free ones don’t have a lot of features to offer. WordPress Landing Pages appears to be the only one that is free and fully functional. 

Wordpress website

Drag and drop themes work too 

WordPress has plenty of free themes that have a pre-built landing page design. Some of them include great features out-of-the-box like scrolling, boxes for featured content, and sliders. However, the main problem with using a pre-built theme is the lack of customization options. 

Build a custom page template 

WordPress is a fully-customizable, open source CMS platform. Its open source nature means that it will allow you to create a custom page template from scratch. You can also use an existing template and modify it to remove all the features you don’t need. Landing pages need to be simple to be effective. Also, landing pages have to be mobile-friendly these days, so they have to be optimized for small screens and large screens at the same time. 

Get developers to build you one 

Finally, the easiest way to build a landing page is to get an expert developer to do it for you. Many people avoid hiring developers because of prohibitive costs. However, your landing page is a one-time investment that can make or break your business. You may be able to recover your investment in the long run if you hire an expert from Openwave to do it for you.

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