Thursday 7 January 2021

Top 4 Android Libraries for Mobile App Development in 2021

Looking for the top four Android libraries that can make an app building process seamless? The below mentioned are the widely-used Android libraries across the globe. Read the advantage below.


If you are looking for a type-safe library for Java and Android that goes well along with HTTP-based API services from your Android apps, Retrofit is the library you are searching for.

Retrofit uses the OkHttp library’s core functionality, and many specific features, to remove the boilerplate code.

This one is user-friendly to receive data structures other than JSON, for instance, Jackson and SimpleXML.

You can flawlessly manipulate headers & endpoints, add a request body and query parameters, & select request methods, all with annotations in Retrofit.

Dagger 2

With not many limitations unlike other Java dependency injector libraries, Dagger is a superhero. Those libraries help to render smaller elements to other models and help to remain intact with one another. Java dependency injector libraries make it hard while building larger apps and tackle dependency injection.

Dagger is the knight in shining armor that can save you during these tough times and helps to develop a dependency injection graph in compile-time through annotation processors.


Glide is an image loader and one of the best new Android libraries for developers, managed by Bumptech. It lets you transform the image the way you want, suggested by Google and one of the best new Android libraries for developers. 

Glide renders animated GIF support while managing image loading & caching and helps in decoding, fetching, displaying GIFs, images, and video calls. A flexible API enables developers to plug in any network stack, as its default stack is HttpUrlConnection.

Glide makes the scrolling procedure for any list of pictures seamless. One can also use it to fetch, resize, or display a remote photo.


ButterKnife is a view binding library used in assigning ids to views effortlessly, by avoiding the excess of findViewByld. The library is widely used by Android developers to generate boilerplate code where butterknife annotations are generated.

This super binding library saves time to script repetitive coding lines for developers. Avoid writing repetitive code with the library, Butterknife helps developers to bind strings, drawables, dimens, click events, and more.

Wrapping Up!

Android development can be made seamless with the usage of the right Android libraries. Widely used Android IDEs makes the process super-fast and effective!

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