Thursday 6 August 2020

What Makes Android 11 So Interesting?

Google released the first Android 11 beat build on 22nd July. Many of us were waiting for this, let’s unwrap what the Android 11 new release holds for us. The initial release was on 19th February, after this, the company finalized the feature set.

The primary focus was bug fixes and stability improvements and only make some necessary changes.

Here is the information on new features in Android 11.


Screens of Android 11 can now support waterfall displays with the edge of style = ”color: #6d0fb2;” the device.

Advanced Notification

The conversation will now appear on the notifications. A dedicated conversation area is made available that supports conversations from every application.

Location Access

Many applications track your location for a longer period, putting your privacy in question. Google concentrates more on nipping the location access when it is not needed by the app, ensuring privacy.

Chat Bubbles

How helpful was the Facebook messenger’s pop-up head? Helpful? Here is the good news, Bubble is now available for all messaging conversations, making sure you get prompt notification of messages.

Powerful Power Menu

Control Google Pay and smart homes with the tap on your mobile phone. Google having this already launched on their pixel phones, this luxury is now made available with Android 11.

Neural Network API (1.3)

Machine learning on Android devices has been made easier with this new feature. Here are some of the benefits of interferencing,

  • Latency
  • Availability
  • Speed
  • Privacy
  • Cost

Images and Camera

With Android 11, you can mute the vibrations or both sound and vibrations while using the camera. Here are some of the recently added features,

  • Raw capture
  • YUV Reprocessing
  • Level 3 devices
  • Logical camera support
  • Concurrent cameras
  • Emulating sensor orientation by using data from sensor manager
  • Applying video stabilization by reducing handshake frequency
  • Applying edge enhancement by removing the upscaling usually done in the YUV Pipeline.

Wrapping Up!

The enhancements and new features are already made available for Google Pixel users. If you don’t use Pixel, you have to stay with excitement and wait for a while. Are you looking for the Top Android App Developers in Malaysia? Collaborate with Openwave the top Android app development company with paramount experience in developing robust, reliable, and innovative Android apps at affordable prices. Connect with our experts today and grab a free quote now!

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