Tuesday 25 August 2020

How Good Website Design Can Impress Your Customers

Online businesses are increasing in number day-by-day, staying ahead of your competitors and impressing your customers at the very second is important. Even though there are many factors like graphic design, SEO, presentation, and many such factors, a super-impressive good design raises the bar of your website above everything. In this article, let’s discuss what it takes to be a good web design.

Factors of A Good Web Design

When you run a business online, your website becomes the face of your business. Your customers will start judging your business and professionalism through your website. With companies spending thousands and thousands of dollars in building a website, let’s see what makes a beautiful website with great web design.

Easy-to-use Navigation

Unlike mobile apps with how-to-use tours, customers are alone in surfing through your website. Make me easily understandable with a basic level of interpretation symbols and navigation. Customers who stumble on navigating through the website will quit. Decrease bounce rates with easy navigations.

Eye-catchy and Alluring

Have you realized where few websites become a feast for your eyes and completely transform your mood? The human brain responds accordingly to what we see and perceive. Develop eye-catchy fonts, pictures, CTAs, buttons, animations, and whatever you do it must blend well with your brand.

Web Content

Produce content without technical errors, grammatical mistakes, focus more on producing high-quality content that engages your audience.

Responsive Web design

Laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc, you would have no idea what device your customer is using to access your website. Make it responsive and fix sizes.

Page Loading Speed

Did you know? 86% of customers tend to leave your website if your website can’t load within 3 seconds. The optimum time that can be taken for a website to load is 3 to 5 sec. Customers are too busy they don’t have the patience to wait for 3 sec. Speed optimize your website and decrease the bounce rate.

Wrapping Up!

Web design has immense importance in converting your visitors into customers. Business failing to strengthen web design is failing to develop their business. Take the hands of experts and seasoned web developers and web designers by giving Openwave a call! Openwave is one of the leading Web Design Company in Malaysia! Get a free quote now!

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