Wednesday 17 June 2020

The Top 8 Event Management Software and Planning Tools

Event planning and management have become a burning passion for many. From reaching out delegates to planning about every tiny thing, event planners love to live it there.
Though it may be a hectic and gargantuan process to deal with everything, event planners have got their lifeline in the form of event management and planning tools.
This article will bring you near to the best eight event management software and planning tools.
What Eventbrite can do for you:
Manage small to large events
Mobile-friendly and allows attendees to book from their phones.
Cost – 3.5% per ticket + 1.59 dollars per ticket.
What Trello can do for you:
It is beautifully segmented into ‘to-do’, ‘doing’, and ‘done’ options for flawless event management.
Beautiful user-interface, user-friendly features and more
One main drawback is a lack of calendar which is a big loss for any event manager for managing events.
What OpenConf can do for you:
It is a conference management software.
You can swiftly call your associates for paper submissions, enhance the peer-review process, and approve and publish content.
Online registration is open as well for new users.
What Boomset can do for you:
Boomset is technologically advanced with face recognition and RFID tag verification.
This opens gates for writ badges and other creative ideas to reach out to the attendees.
Effectively handles a large conference.


What Whova can do for you:
Mobile registration is open with the software.
You can find time-saving tools for free.
What Everwall can do for you:
Greatly customizable and have good advertisement features.
You can display the conference live on social media.
WordPress Theme
What WordPress Theme can do for you:
Unravel many themes and plugins
An auto-update option is available.
What Slido can do for you:
It is a live polling system, allowing audiences to poll effectively during the conference.
Wrapping Up!
Every event management tool has its pros and cons. Testing them on an individual basis can help you to choose the best tool that can do wonders for you. Openwave is the best event management app development company in Malaysia
Our event management app is one such software designed and developed to facilitate the works of event managers. The tool is loved by a multitude of people for its best features. Collaborate with us today for a free demo, grab a free quote, and try the software free for 30 days.


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