Monday 4 May 2020

7 Different Applications That Can Be Developed Using Python

The popularity of Python language and its puissant frameworks are well-known for many of us. But do you know what are the kinds of applications that can be developed using Python? Here you go.

7 Types of Applications To Build With PYTHON

Seven Types of Applications You Can Build Using Python

1. Blockchain Applications

Developing blockchain applications are not as easy as it may appear. The security, authenticity, and flexibility that are required to build blockchain applications have made it tougher.

But with Python, developers can easily develop blockchain applications using Python frameworks like Flask. For developing a decentralized network, developers can use HTTP requests and interact with the blockchain over the internet.

2. Commandline Applications

Command-line applications are also known as Console applications. The application will not have any GUI and it can be used from the shell. 

Python developers with ever-growing Python libraries can develop command-line applications with its REPL i.e Read-Eval-Print-Loop feature.

3. Audio and Video Applications

Developing audio and video applications are trendsetters. With Python libraries like PyDub, you can develop robust and versatile audio and video applications. 

Did you know? YouTube is created using Python? What example are you looking for more than YouTube for its great performance?

4. Game App Development

Battlefield 2, Bridge Commander, Freedom Force, etc. Excited by playing these games? Before you get to rattle your fingers on the mobile screen, know these games are developed with Python.

Pygame comes with great computer graphics and sound libraries to develop stunning and dynamic Python-based games.

5. System Administration Application

Creating system administration applications means managing a sea of data, streamlining workflows effectively, and managing pipelining tasks. 

Python can be successfully used to develop system administration applications as it can swiftly interact with the Operating System. Python that is currently running on the OS can be easily interfaced with.

6. Machine Learning Application

The free Python libraries like Panda and Scikit can be used the GNU license for developing machine learning applications.

Developers can easily develop applications with the help of Natural Language Processing to analyze, manipulate, and understand human language for the algorithm.

7. Business Applications

You can develop ERP and eCommerce applications to take your business to great heights with Python. Web applications, mobile applications, desktop GUI applications can be developed using Python.


Python is a progressive language that many global tech giants believe and has invested in building their applications. The versatility of Python and the kinds of applications that can be developed using it can amaze us!

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