Monday 20 April 2020

HVAC Best Practices to Prevent the Flu and Coronavirus!

The coronavirus outbreak has become a global threat and had taken away the lives of lakhs of people around the globe. Battling this invisible enemy is challenging and so for, we have instructed a set of steps to be followed to stay safe.
Here are the HVAC best practices that can be followed to lower the flu and virus.

Improve Air Quality

It’s well-known the coronaviruses can remain intact and float on the air. Eliminating this life-killing substance from our homes can be difficult. But, wait; don’t lose heart as HVAC has the best set of safety measures to handle the outbreak. Here are the measures.

Control Humidity

Have you observed the cases of flu and viruses that will touch the roof of the graph during the winter? This is common due to the fall in the humidity levels in the air. By controlling the humidity levels we can make sure to fight this COVID-19.

Control Air Purity

It has been reported viruses and bacteria can rapidly spread in a damping and bad air purity environment. Survey reveals around 85% of homes have bad air purity levels. The decreased purity level attracts these microbes and can cause serious respiratory issues resulting in death.

Install the best air purifiers to prevent the existence and growth of the viruses.

Air Ventilation

High-rise apartments and nearing residence has blocked the flow of ventilation and sunshine. Installing a home ventilation system for a better flow of air exchange can reduce the chance of these contaminants getting into our bodies.

The Prevalence of Flu

Medical staffs and doctors say that the prevalence of flu is higher and the spread of the coronaviruses has been worsening in several parts of the world. These viruses are contagious and can spread from one person to a group of people without any challenges.

Until the WHO and other talented scientists develop a vaccine for the coronaviruses, we need to follow these simple measures to stay safe amidst this outbreak!


We all know coronaviruses are life-threatening. Our Earth has faced so many challenges and humankind has strived and evolved during those life-threatening moments. Stay strong, take heart and let us battle this COVID-19 with all our strength and win the battle.

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