Monday 2 March 2020

6 Features to Look For While Choosing a Field Service Management Software

Managing a field service business efficiently is a hectic task where mushrooming companies to well-emerged companies suffer. 

With the backup of the advanced technologies, the companies have strived so hard to increase their productivity and keep going in the long-run.

One such and the best measure has taken by field service companies are the Field Service Management Software.

Field Service Management Software In Malaysia

This article will walk you through the six important features of the FSM tool.

1. Financial Management

For any organization, irrespective of its size and the ultimate aim lies in increasing the profit and productivity at higher rates. Maximizing the revenue comes from managing it efficiently. Working out the field service software to meet your business needs, regulating it to manage your productivity and lowers the total cost of the business.

2. Optimize Your Billing and Invoicing Solutions

If you are a field service-based organization, the need for billing and invoicing may be part of your everyday business. To track and manage it effectively, you may have a workforce and tones of paper deployed. Ease the process of tracking, billing and invoicing at one-go with the FSM software.

3. Improved Inventory Management

Your facility manager knows the pain of keeping track of the tools and equipment. As a field service organization, the need for storage of several tools is mandatory. Facilitate inventory management and get the right track of the tools. Also, the increased visibility in inventory management can cut-down costs where you need not buy new tools.

4. Job Scheduling and Service Dispatching

Any companies’ success lies in streamlining the workflow. Informing your employees about the workflow, giving them the right tool to accompany at the client's site, route optimization, dispatching the right worker with niche experience can all be monitored and streamlined with the Field Force Management software.

5. Enhanced Equipment Management

The visibility of the existing tools increases the productivity of the employees. It is also more cost-efficient, as it reduces the money spent on purchasing new tools, where old tools are working like a well-oiled machine. Equipment management has a direct effect on the safety of the field technicians as well.

6. Business Intelligence Dashboards

Analyzing your business performance over the period gives an opportunity to make your business run smoothly and better. The business intelligence dashboard (BI Dashboard) gives you the entire information of your business on a single page. Take advantage of the most wanted details like your loyal customers, managers, technicians and more information with a single click of the page.

Would you like to implement Field Service Automation Software for your business? Reach out to us to know more about the best FSM tool used and get a free demo of our online FSM tool, QuikAllot today!

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  1. It really interesting to know the features we need to check when choosing the best field assist App. Thanks for sharing an useful post.