Monday 24 February 2020

7 Essential Benefits Of Mobility In Field Service Management

Mobility in Field Service Management has reached greater heights for its effects in field service organizations. The software has helped many organizations achieve effective productivity rates, increased revenue and satisfied customer relationships.

Let's dive into the seven-dramatic benefits of mobility in Field Service Management.

Field Service Management Software
7 Important Benefits of Mobility and Field Service Management

1. Enhanced Job Scheduling

Field Service Management with the aid of GPS location streamlines job scheduling. It allocates tasks to field technicians nearby to the service requested place. Enhanced job scheduling increases productivity and performance.

2. Improved Monitoring 

Better performance results in better revenue. Good performance is the result of a good monitoring. You can improve the monitoring of your field technicians effectively with the Field Service Management Software. 

3. Improved Customer Engagement 

The Field Management Tool facilitates communication between the customers and the field service organizations. Customers can view their reports, data, analytics, and invoicing with the tool.

4. Better Fix Rates

Your seasoned technicians and inexperienced field technicians can stay connected with the FSM tool. Novice technicians with the help of their Smartphones can scan the repairs using IoT sensors and send virtual resources to experienced workers. This increases better fix rates and performance.

5. Increased First Time Fixed Rates

Field technicians can get access to data, client history, tools required for the services, the best route to reach the client's place and more. With these benefits, you can deploy the right technician with the right tool at the right time to fix the repair! This increases the first time fix rate and productivity.

6. Optimizes Your Back Office

Field Force Automation tool connects the back office with the field technicians. The software provides real-time data and feeds in time-to-time information in the tool. Field technicians and managers can access the information from anywhere at any time increasing the efficiency of the performance.

7. Proactive Maintenance Alerts

Organizations require periodical maintenance of machines and preventive measures to be performed. Human errors are always possible. Field Service Management with the integration of IoT sensors makes alerts possible before-hand. IoT sensors pass alerts to the facility controller regarding any maintenance alerts.

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