Tuesday 3 December 2019

Self-Hosting Vs Hosted Ecommerce - Which Is Better For You?

Ecommerce ventures are dominating the digital space today. Several businesses have emerged, each creative in their own manner, but many of them are troubled with the same query - should they self-host or invest on a hosting platform? Self-hosting is essentially you installing a free-to-use platform like Wordpress and then hosting your eCommerce business on it. Hosted eCommerce on the other hand, refers to using platforms like Shopify or Prestashop to build an eCommerce website using their platform and paying them a percentage regularly for hosting it. 
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Let's Take A Look At The Disadvantages Of Self-hosting And Availing Hosted Solutions:
1) Self-hosting is far more arduous when compared to hosted platforms. Here, you'll have to take care of the majority of development.
2) This type of hosting isn't free per se, there are payments involved and you might find it difficult to deal with prior to gaining traction on your store.
3) If you come across problems during the development phase, the amount of support available is minimal. More so, you might have to pay to avail it.
Hosted Solutions:
1) Hosted eCommerce platforms are somewhat expensive, and the payment is often always continuous.
2) When your site gains more traction, there is a huge chance for the hosting price to go up.
3) You can't hard-code elements and customize them to match your tastes. The customization available is minimal and pre-approved. 
4) If you wish to switch platforms midway, you might have trouble exporting data and have to begin from scratch. 
To compare these two, hosted platforms are like paying for a hotel room. While there is an abundance of comfort, none of it is of your choice. Right from the architecture to the bedding, everything is preset. Self-hosting, on the other hand, is like building your own house. The process will be time taking and strenuous, but the end result will be exactly what you wanted!
Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages, you should know that people opt for both these options. There are a number of businesses running on hosted platforms, while several others choose to take the longer path. Backed by the right Ecommerce Developers in Malaysia, you can see success no matter your choice! Reach out to Openwave today and work with our experts!

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