Tuesday 15 October 2019

Is Your Magento Ecommerce Website Ready For Holiday Sales?

For customers and sellers both, the holiday season is a period of absolute excitement. Customers get to experience huge discounts and sellers are able to see massive sales! As a seller, you have to keep in mind that the holiday season is as competitive as it is lucrative. With the eCommerce space growing in competition, you will have a lot of similar businesses to outdo, if you want to make big sales. The first step is to upgrade your website. Long gone are the days of plain websites, to woo customers today, you'll need to boast a website that's smooth in functioning and a visual treat! 

Magento Ecommerce Website Ready For Holiday Sales

Here are some tips to best approach holiday sales:

#1 Embrace the Season: 

When promoting holiday sales or getting your business ready for the festive season, it is crucial that you understand the nuances of the holiday. Holidays like Halloween are spooky and seasons like Christmas are more about gifting. So when you are preparing your ecommerce website for holiday sales, start off by implementing some holiday traits on your website. Redesign it to match the festival going on; if you’re preparing for Halloween, add some carved pumpkins or bats, so on. Once your website has a custom theme, your customer retention rates will see a huge hike! Likewise, this concept of the redesign has to be implemented in other elements as well. For example, if you’re putting up a social media post for promotion or sending out emails, theme their content to match the season and you’ll see the massive response! 

#2 Prepare for a Large Influx of Customers: 

Every business likes seeing big sales, but you have to be equipped enough to deal with large numbers all the same! Be it a physical one or an eCommerce venture, readying up is necessary. The only downside of a large customer influx is that sometimes the website might not be able to take the load! You will need to get a stellar website developed, with a strong framework and ample potential to handle the pouring in of orders. Partner up with the right Custom Magento Development Company in Malaysia and get your website ready for a flurry of customers! 

#3 Provide a Variety of Payment Means: 

In today’s digital age, payment options are available in plenty. From credit/debit card payments to custom payment integrations like PayPal, different customers have different preferences. As an eCommerce business, you’ll have to provide customers with all the choices. When there is a good variety of payment modes available, you can stand out from your competitors while also appealing to users.

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