Friday 31 May 2019

5 High-performing Frameworks For Web Development!

Web development is one of the most desirable pursuits of any company in this day and age of digitization! We have experienced several advancements in this technology over the last two decades. At this point, it enables businesses extensively on the internet and helps boost recognition, drive traffic, connect with customers, makes sales, and a lot more! With so many opportunities at hand, it is important to know which framework will be most suitable for your web development project.

Web Application Development
Here are some of the best frameworks for backend web development:

1) Django

It is an open-source framework which enables rapid and efficient web app development. With its flexible nature, developers can personalize solutions based on the specific requirements of the customers. There is a separate intuitive admin panel for website configuration. This feature removes the necessity for frequent changes in the code. This way, you don’t need to rely on third-party apps.

2) Express

If you want to create simple and elegant web applications and APIs, Express is probably the best choice you have. This framework is used to create small web apps which are supported by server-side components along with API. It employs JavaScript in the backend. While Express is suitable for beginners, it may also be adopted by experts for complex projects.

Here are some of the best frontend frameworks for web development:

1) Angular

Angular is mainly used for building single-page web applications (also mobile apps). It is not a solution which caters to all the needs of web development. Supporting JavaScript and leveraging the MVC architecture, It enables web page development and the front-end requirements for communicating with the server.

2) React

Considered to be one of the fastest tools for front-end web development tool, Reach is a powerful and flexible framework solution. Coupling with Django or Express which cater to the backend needs, React delivers for the front-end requirements. Deploying such robust software, high-quality web application development may be pursued.

3) Hookups

This highly customizable framework is a great choice for both frontend and backend requirements of top-grade web apps! You can develop them ten times faster than the standard duration it takes using traditional programming methods. With lightweight coding enabled by Hookups, quickly build large-scale apps that offer exceptional functionality.

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