Sunday 10 March 2019

Ethereum Development: 3 Terrific Applications

Ethereum offers a decentralized environment to build robust applications which run exactly as they are programmed with no possible downtime, fraudulent activity, censorship, or even third-party interference. Such applications are run on custom-tailored blockchain solutions which incorporate incredibly efficient infrastructure for transferring immutable information digitally.

Ethereum Blockchain Developer in Malaysia

Here are 3 terrific applications of Ethereum Development!

#1. Smart Ethereum Wallet:

The cryptocurrency supported by this platform is known as ‘Ether’. The smart wallet allows you to keep and secure values of ether and other assets which are developed on Ethereum. Creating tradeable digital tokens, you can enable digital transactions which permit the exchange of products or services for their set value in terms of these tokens. Using a standard coin API, your contract will be compatible with any wallet.

#2. Safe & Secure Crowdfunding:

Many times, you want to pitch your business idea to investors but you fear to do so because of the vulnerable position you will be in. More importantly, if there is no reliable system of trust for funding your idea, you may lose investors. To overcome these issues, you could incorporate smart contracts into the system and provide an efficient system which safely and securely facilitates the funds. This format can be used to pre-sell a product, sell virtual shares, or even host an auction.

#3. Autonomous & Democratic Organizations:

Running an organization can be done more efficiently if all the monotonous tasks can be automated. There will be paperwork to do that can’t be avoided. Having an Ethereum based smart contracts system in place, you will be able to take care of them without hassles and proceed with the more crucial aspects of the organization. It allows you to provide services to your clients with a 100% uptime guarantee. The possibilities of using Ethereum Development for running your organization include non-intercepted voting on issues and for elections, a transparent constitution, democracy, and more!

Ethereum Development provides extremely secure and robust solutions for various applications. If you are looking to hire a professional Ethereum Blockchain Developer in Malaysia, reach Openwave! Our professionals provide exceptional solutions and services which are personalized to suit your specific needs! Connect with us now and find out how we can help you!

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