Monday 11 February 2019

Development Overview And Cost Estimation For Media Apps Like TikTok

Previously known as, TikTok is a Chinese music video platform which enables users to create and edit musical videos. Behaving like a social media platform, it also allows them to share them with friends. The platform is known for the animations and entertainment it renders. Hosting a large music community worldwide, this music video maker app has established itself firmly. Moreover, its growth has been so phenomenal.

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Here are the development overview and its cost estimation for media apps like TikTok

Key Features And Functionality:

Simple UI: The UI designed by the developers of Tiktok is simply brilliant. The content that is uploaded is measured by hearts. When you open the app, it directly takes you to the feed, showing the videos which you are likely to be interested in. This gives you an amazing experience just as you enter the platform. Navigating through is not just easy but also fun!

Engaging Methods: The concept of measuring the video’s prominence with hearts is a great strategy employed by TikTok. This eliminates the thirst for gaining followers and prompts the chase of more hearts instead. Live-Ops are employed to keep the app fresh and lively with a gaming experience. It enables users to have healthy competition and stay engaged in it as long as possible. Additionally, the availability of several filters and captivation AR effects simply blows anyone's mind away!

Real-Time Analysis: This allows the admin to have a peek at their viewers and broadcasters live in a graphic representation. Moreover, real-time insights for app usage gives useful information to make informed decisions subsequently. Such incorporations will definitely empower media app development.

Video Streaming: This is the ultimate feature of TikTok. With enhanced video streaming capabilities, this platform offers you with captivating features to enhance your videos and put it for your friends to enjoy. For this, dedicated cloud servers are required. Before your videos get deleted, save them in the external storage if you want to. It is important to take care of copyright issues in this regard.

Geo-Location: Connecting users with other local users, the geo-location feature enables them to get in touch and collaborate with neighbors. If anyone is doing a live broadcast near your area, you will be notified and you get to participate in it.

Cost: TikTok provides an ultra smooth UX/UI and is racing with the fastest growing apps in the world. It is available in both Android and iOS. It is important to factor in the development time and the resources that would be required to develop for both platforms and render amazing user experience and interface. Additionally, the region where it was developed, the complexity of the design, and the number of hours taken to complete the project should be included in the estimation. Keeping all of these along with the basic features in mind, a rough estimate would be around $25,000.

While going for media app development sounds like a promising idea to ascend quickly in the market, compromising novelty and innovation will get you nowhere. It is key to bring in a new flavor and make useful alterations to the product. If you are looking for a professional Mobile App Development Company in Malaysia, get in touch with Openwave! Adept at we do, we have created a wide range of apps!

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