Sunday 15 July 2018

How to build an easy-to-use dating application and succeed competitors?

The best way to meet people of similar interests is through a dating app. With applications like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Grindr on the rise – making a dating app has become more than a hobby! 

Apps like these make it easier for people who are less social, to mingle and step out of their comfort zone. As developers, the job, however, remains challenging; to make an amazing app and give users the best experience. With fields like this emerging, mobile application development is on the rise!

Here are 3 amazing ways to have a dating app like Hinge that stands out:

1)Reduce ignoring and increase interaction:
With facilities to swipe right on multiple people, the user often tends to forget whom he has selected to date! Due to this, several messages are left unread in the inbox and people get ignored. The hinge has a feature called “Your turn”, which prompts the user to reply to a chat and shows the ones he has yet to open and reply. Implementing features like this will improve the user experience for both parties.

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2)Be different: Having multiple apps providing the same feature will make the entire genre dormant. Having unique features will always catch the user’s eye and prompt him/her to try the app. Hinge, for example, shows mutual friends and hence lets people build strong relationships. Additionally, it offers an automatic connection between two such mutual people and sends an icebreaker! How convenient? This is an example of how simplicity can be added and at the same time functionality can be improved.

3)Make the experience better: Improving the concept of dating is a huge challenge for app developers. Swiping left and swiping right has made the entire app experience less interactive and more monotonous. Instead, having an app profile where users can display mutual interests, hobbies and converse over trends will help them come together.

Dating apps are all the rage, ever since the concept of online dating! To have a dating app is challenging; with giants like Tinder in the market, standing out isn’t an easy task. However, with Openwave by your side, you will surf the charts in no time. Our dating app development game is stellar! To hire mobile app developers in Malaysia, contact us right away.

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