Monday 25 June 2018

Can UX and UI decide the fate of your Android app? Yes, here’s how!

Android app development is becoming easier with subsequent updates in Android SDKs and, no doubt, more people are trying their hand at becoming app developers, and more businesses are hiring developers to build Android apps. While all of this is done keeping smartphone users in mind, more often than not, a lot of app developers forget the whole point of user-friendliness and end up stuffing features more, than devising interactive and user-friendly mobile UX designs.

 Here are 4 tips you can use to avoid this mistake.

1.) Understand that UX is very important

Prior to developing an app, bear in mind that the user experience and interface have the power to either take help your application climb up the ladder or to push your app down a long flight of stairs. Your mobile application should make the user connect on different levels, while also providing an immersive and pleasant environment. Take your time to research more about different strategies and approaches to devising user-friendly UX and UI.

2.) Responsive and inclusive designs

Android is a platform that has a very wide reach – it is used across a wide variety of devices by a diverse population scattered in all parts of the world. This calls for a responsive app design that is compatible with all those devices. Not only that, since people across continents browse through the Play Store every day, developing designs that appeal to the majority of them, if not all, is also important.

Android app development

3.) Keep it simple

Minimalism is what is ruling contemporary lifestyles these days. Same goes for mobile apps. Developers must make attempts to keep the design as simple as possible complex and appalling app designs are bound to take a toll on users’ eyes. But this does not mean making it bland or devoid of useful features.

4.) Using visual instruction and signals

People tend to understand things better with visuals than with plain text. Incorporating visual signs and symbols into your app will aid smoother navigation and improve users’ interactivity with the app.

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