Friday 4 May 2018

How to select the best platform for your first mobile app?

With the current surge in the number of mobile users across the world, there is a great deal of interest in owning and operating mobile applications today. But just the sheer amount of technical jargon and the stifling competition in these circles can leave a new app owner or developer with a world of questions. A very important question you should ask before you hire app developers in Malaysia should revolve around the most suitable platform on which to go about developing the first mobile app.

Here are a few smart strategies to choose between Android and iOS as the preferred platform for developing your first mobile app:

Go by market share

This is a great filtering point to help you make the choice easier, as Android serves around 85% of mobile apps, while the other 15 % are built on IoS. In addition, the former dominates geographies of Asia and Africa, while iOS users are predominantly based in US, Europe, and Australia. Depending on the intended target audience of your app, you can make the choice to go with either.

Choosing based on demographics

If you try and make the choice from a demographics standpoint, Android users come on an average from slightly lower income strata, while iOS users are some of the high earners and spenders. Even the level of engagement is higher in the case of the latter.

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Market Niche

iOS users have been seen to explore and download applications from all niches – sports, gaming, entertainment, education etc., while Android users have generally historically shown the preference for social engagement applications.

A probability of revenue generation

Historically, it has been the iOS users and not the Android ones who have shown the greatest probability to make app purchases on the store and this is why the chances of revenue generations for mobile app owners fare considerably better on iOS.

Perhaps the above strategies would have helped you establish the platform of your choice for your mobile application. If you want to make the best use of the platform and develop lucrative applications, then Openwave’s proven mobile app development services can add great value to your cause. Get to know about our service offerings today by contacting us!

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