Monday 8 January 2018

Which CMS should you opt for: Joomla or WordPress?

With the wide range of CMS options available on the internet, it can always be quite a challenge to zero in on the ideal platform for website development. The world’s most popular CMS platforms- WordPress and Joomla- enjoy massive popularity among developers across the globe.

So, how should one go about when it comes to identifying the right platform for website development? Here are a few factors that you need to consider before making a conclusive decision:

Security: In terms of security, both the platforms are evenly poised. As they are open source, they enjoy the support of a global community of developers who work throughout the year to roll out patches and updates and ensure that the platforms remain secure. This offers a great advantage for businesses who are looking to develop B2B or enterprise web applications that require robust security.

Customizability: In terms of customizability, there is a clear difference between the two platforms. While both platforms are Open Source, Joomla does not offer an official theme directory for developers. On the other hand, WordPress boasts of an official theme directory that is extensive and houses well over 3000 customizable themes. This offers it a clear edge over Joomla themes.

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Content Creation and Management: When it comes to creating new content for a website, the flexibility, and features offered by a CMS system play a vital role. In this regard, WordPress offers an edge over Joomla as it has an intuitive dashboard that is optimized for content creation. In the case of Joomla, there are a host of effective features; however, they are slightly complex and require technical expertise.

Media management: When it comes to adding media such as images and videos, WordPress’s robust CMS capabilities definitely offer an edge over a Joomla website which is optimized for enterprise and eCommerce applications. Hence, if you are a B2C firm, then WordPress offers better functionality to host a website that is rich in graphics and media.

Choosing between WordPress and Joomla is more dependent on the specific requirements of your business. Team up with CMS Website development experts like Openwave and develop a website tailor-made for your needs.

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