Tuesday 21 November 2017

What are the most exciting features that will be revealed in WordPress 4.9?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. Estimated to be used by over 60 million websites globally, WordPress is a product that is heavily depended upon by millions of businesses as it hosts their brand and services. It is known for its robust functionality and diverse features that allow creation and hosting of innovative services via the internet. 

Its latest iteration WordPress 4.9, which was launched on 14th November 2017 has opened to rave reviews! It is expected to host a bunch of features that further increase the ease of developing WordPress websites.

 Here are the 6 promising features that have been integrated:

Draft, Preview & Schedule the Changes:  The updated version allows developers to add all their changes and save them as a draft that can be retrieved at any time and worked upon. Also, changes need not be published live. They can be scheduled to go live at a time of choosing. This is highly beneficial.

Improved Gallery Widget: The improved gallery widget makes it easy for users to add images beside the texts in a simple and hassle-free manner. The widget also has editing features that allow users to edit the image and add hues and filters to it before saving them.

Effortless Media Integration: Unlike the previous editions where media integration required users to be partly familiar with HTML or CSS, the latest version has turned media integration into an intuitive functionality that asks for no pre-requisites from users. This makes Media integration highly effortless.

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Better Environment for Menu Creation: The latest menu creation facility is one of the best WordPress features as the previous ones were quite tough for uninitiated users to build on. The latest feature is highly intuitive and is based on a GUI.

Improved Code Editing Features: This is one area where the latest version excels phenomenally. Thanks to the integration of CodeMirror, code editing has become an easy process and will become increasingly accessible to novices.

Easier Theme Customization: The new version allows websites to customize the themes easily and compare them in different tabs. This helps find the most appealing theme quickly.

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