Monday 27 November 2017

5 Areas where iOS Scores a Clear Edge over Android.

The world’s most premier mobile operating system is iOS and there’s no debating that! Numbering over 700 million active users, iOS is a highly popular platform that enjoys a following that is second only to Android in terms of volume. However, when it comes to the enterprise market and the premium user segment, Apple’s OS scores a clear victory over Android and for good! 

The following factors make iOS more desirable over Android:

#1. Jailbreak: It is second to none when it comes to security. The operating system is designed in a closed architecture which makes it hard to access and jailbreak. Compared to Android, the code that is written into Apple’s OS is not available for free use. This makes it hard to crack open these devices and gain root access.

#2. Testing: iOS is a highly effective platform when it comes to testing. The tools that are rolled out by Apple are highly efficient in identifying the flaws in app performance. This helps developers remove even the slightest of flaws and keep the app bug free. 

#3. Robust and Secure: It is a highly robust OS and its performance characteristics remain the same even after several years of usage. Apple’s devices regularly perform well on AnTuTu benchmark tests. Also, Apple’s privacy policy is heavily inclined towards guarding the user data and ensures that no breach of user information occurs. This is highly laudable.

#4. Enterprise Compatibility: In the space left by the exit of Blackberry devices, iPhones and iPads have steadily gained ground in the enterprise market. iOS apps thanks to their security and closed architecture are tamper proof and ideal for business applications.

#5. Premium Segment: Most of Apple’s users are from the premium segment. They can afford to pay for premium app content. Hence, businesses can make better revenue from iOS apps than from Android apps where the preferred monetization method is the freemium model.

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