Monday 18 September 2017

The key design elements to follow when building an online shopping site

Never underestimate the power of visual design in selling your products to your customers. The more compelling it is, the better your sales and conversions. However, most retailers are keen on setting up a platform to enable online shopping, that they end up missing out on the details. 

A bland and boring website isn’t just an indication of the failure on part of your eCommerce website solution provider, but is rather a reflection of who you are. If you don’t want your brand’s personality to come across as unoriginal or dull, then you need to revamp it now and replace it with an attractive and structured site design.

Here are 5 design principles to follow during eCommerce website design:

1)    Design a stunning homepage

First impressions matter – and since your site’s homepage is the first thing that hits visitors, it has to be captivating enough to hold their attention. Take time to design the homepage. Display your best-selling products prominently. Use a slider to push important messages across, such as sales, promotions and other offers. 

2)    Don’t force them to sign-in

Have you ever come across a site that forced you to sign-in before taking a look at the products or purchasing something? What was your next move? You might’ve probably exited it out of sheer frustration.  Don’t make the same mistake on your eCommerce website.  People love to explore, so give them the freedom to do so without forcing them to register with you.

3)    Ease of navigation

If a customer arrives at your site looking for ‘chocolates’, is he/she able to get there within three clicks? If not, then you need to follow the three-click rule and make sure all the points on your website are accessible from all other points within three clicks.

E-commerce Website development

4)    Seamless checkouts
Multiple forms, endless form fields, and too many authentication steps make for a cumbersome checkout process. Time is precious, and customers won’t appreciate the fact that you’ve got a lengthy ordering process. Ask your e-Commerce websites development company to setup a simple one-step or two-step checkout process.

5)    Provide complete information

When designing your site, ensure that all the information related to delivery, order processing, and any other relevant details are mentioned in an organized manner. A lack of clear information will deter customers from placing orders on your eCommerce site.

Consider these five tips during eCommerce website design if you want to take your business to new heights. For professional assistance, you can always rely on experts. Hire eCommerce developers from Openwave today!

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