Monday 31 July 2017

iOS Application Development: 5 Latest Trends that are Ruling 2017

The Apple’s app store witnessed record-breaking revenues and downloads in the first quarter of this year. This clearly points towards the spurt of growth experienced by the App Store in recent times. With 2017 promising the entry of new technologies and devices, Apple is adopting new trends to roll out better, more interactive, and dynamic applications and continue on its positive growth trajectory.

Here’s a list of five iOS App Development Trends that we believe will rule 2017:

1) AR-enabled Applications

Yes, Augmented Reality has finally entered the mainstream. With Apple announcing the launch of its new iOS 11 that comes with an exclusive ARKit to build AR-powered applications, iOS app development teams are increasingly exploring this avenue to replicate the success of apps like PokemonGO.

2) Swift Coding

Swift is one of the most popular coding languages among app developers. Ever since Apple open sourced it, the language experienced a rise in the number of developers using it. This year, Swift 3.0 was released providing developers with a better platform to build robust applications for iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

3) IoT-based Applications

In 2016, there was a 34% increase in the number of IoT application developers. The rise of IoT has prompted an increasing number of iOS developers to maximize its utilization. The focus this year will be on the secure exchange of information between the devices through Wi-Fi networks.

4) Security Concerns

The emphasis Apple exerts on security is one of the reasons why iOS is so popular. Rigorous efforts and greater innovation will be seen this year by developers to enhance security further. From mandating ATS to focusing on setting strict data encryption technology, Apple is certainly taking the right step towards greater security.

5) iBeacon Applications

Beacon technology, once restricted to retail stores, will now witness adoption by other industries including restaurants, healthcare and so on. Experts will focus on developing unique applications that can interact with other appliances such as lights, washing machines, etc. Location-based marketing will also gain traction.

The iOS Application Development industry is headed towards the right direction, proving to be a profitable avenue for developers as well as businesses. If you’re building an application, make sure it’s in line with the latest trends. Don’t know how? Leave it to the leading iOS app development company in Malaysia.

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