Tuesday 30 May 2017

Key Advantages of ASP.NET Over Other Languages

ASP.NET is among the preferred programming framework for countless developers across the globe. Its advantages lie in its simplicity, enriched features as well as a large community of users to draw support from. In this article, we’re going to be underlining some of the prominent characteristics of this programming language to see what makes it unique.

1) This framework has a specialty in that the volume of programming dialogues that is required for building applications is vastly reduced. This, as a result, enhances convenience and ease-of-working for professionals. It also enables quality development in shorter time and with lesser effort.

2) It comes with a unique function under which all applications, pages, elements operating within it are monitored. If any suspicious activity is identified under this procedure, the system works to dismantle those particular operations to sustain security.

3) The configuration data is incorporated into the platform, as a result of which, users do not have to spend time with the registration of different components. As a result, ASP.NET offers easy and quick deployment. 

Dotnet websitedevelopment

4) This platform is often credited with offering ease-of-usage and simplicity. Performing simple tasks is less cumbersome with this coding language, and as a result, the overall productivity of the development process is enhanced.

5) It comes with a host of advantageous features and functions. The toolbox has multiple functions such as drag-and-drop controls, while a visual studio is also incorporated into the platform.

6) ASP.NET has the benefit of language independence. In other words, the developer has the freedom to apply the language that is most appropriate for his application. In addition to this, the choice of sharing the application with multiple languages is also present.

7) With ASP.NET, the speed and performance is stronger than with other programming languages. This is due to the lack of many complex features such as native optimization, early binding, etc.

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