Thursday 9 March 2017

SEO Errors committed by eCommerce Websites that make their Rankings Fall

The online market is oversaturated with products of all shapes and sized, sold by businesses big and small. Finding new, loyal customers for an online shop owner is also tough. A crucial factor that can make or break your budding business is search engine optimisation (SEO) – or the lack of it. If your store doesn’t feature prominently on listings, chances are – even if you have a gorgeous store – people are never going to find it.

Here are some costly SEO mistakes many online stores make that cause them to spiral down Google’s ranking pages:

Not having product descriptions

Many online stores – especially clothing stores and gift shops – fail to include a short text that describes a product to visitors. Without a product description, not only is it hard for customers to make purchase decisions, but the page won’t feature anywhere near the top of the rankings.  

Using stock descriptions

Some online stores make the costly mistake of copying product descriptions from the manufacturers and pasting it on their website, which is a very expensive mistake. You create duplicate content that will hit your SEO and also be useless to potential customers. 

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Lack of product reviews

Over 70% of all online shoppers check out reviews before purchasing. If your store doesn’t include customer reviews and star rating systems, it’s hard to gain customer trust. Also, product reviews create free unique content for your page and help it rise in rankings. 

Not catering to search demand

It’s crucial that your title tags, alt text, and H1 headings be optimised for search queries. It’s also important to include brand names and be specific. For example, if a user is looking for a ‘Prada bag’, and you optimise for a ‘fashionable black bag’, you are losing out.   

Generic URLs

Using generic URLs that have nothing to do with the product you are selling can be confusing for both customers as well as search engines. Modify URLs to not only make them SEO friendly, but also ‘speaking’ – make it unique, relevant, and easy to say.
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