Monday 27 February 2017

2017 iOS App Development Trends that will boost downloads

Apps on the iOS store made over $28 billion in revenues last year. 2017, promises to be a great year for developers as the expected number of app downloads is expected to shoot up, and more people become willing to pay for downloads and in-app purchases.

Here are some app development trends for 2017 that you can take advantage of to boost downloads of your app:

You will no longer have to pay to download most apps

According to a Gartner report, about 93% of all applications were free at the end of 2016. Free stuff is always great news for users, as they will no longer have to pay hefty amounts for apps they are going to download and use only rarely. As an app owner, you can make money through advertisements, subscriptions, sponsorships, and in-app sales instead. 

Cloud technology integration

Cloud integration allows an application to be accessed across multiple devices, like an iPad, iPhone, and a Mac. It is also possible to never lose data, as it gets backed up on cloud servers automatically. Another application of this technology is that they allow developers to make smaller applications which have smaller download sizes, as most of the data will get stored in the cloud. 

IOS App development

Increase in number of wearable apps

According to statistics, there will be over 220 million wearable devices shipped in 2020. Clearly, the popularity of wearable devices is on the rise. The number of wearable applications is expected to shoot up greatly this year as developers attempt to come up with innovative apps for wearable tech owners. 

Apps made with Swift 2

Apple released Swift 2 last year. Swift 2 is a major upgrade over the previous release. It is now possible to build better, more secure applications. Also, the language is made to allow developers to make not only phone, but also wearable (Apple Watch) and TV applications. 

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