Tuesday 31 January 2017

Top Reasons Why Owning an Online Store is a Good Idea for Your B2B Business

A lot of business-to-business (B2B) product providers worldwide are considering getting an online store. While B2B and B2C commerce is vastly different, operating an online store has great advantages to both types of organization. 

It lets you promote your products, make them available in one place, bring your business to the attention of potentially more customers, and eliminates much of the processing hassle of real-world transactions.

Here is why you need to get yourself an online B2B e-store now:

Super fast transactions

Distributors and other customers will be able to order products from you at their convenience, at any time of the day or night. Digital order filling is almost error-free, you don't need to rekey data separately in multiple systems, and you can accept online payments – all of which make transactions super fast and boosts organizational efficiency.

Vastly improved analytics

With an online store, you can integrate some software plugins or extensions into your store (or use built-in ones) to measure customer data and improve the efficiency or your marketing campaigns and your business in general. You can measure factors like customer churn, product mix, inventory volumes and the like. 

E-commerce website development

Higher visibility 

Customers these days expect businesses – the established ones – to own an online store. They are likely to judge your business adversely if you don’t. A well-made B2B shop, on the other hand, is likely to impress them. It boosts business visibility, and you will be more liable to find more customers than before through search engine queries.  

Increased revenues 

Automated eCommerce not only makes it easier for you to sell products, but it is also easy to implement cross-selling and up-selling techniques. Also, with the help of group and personalised recommendations, you can make more sales than ever before – all of which contributes to significantly increased revenues, if you do it right.  

Putting your business online isn’t as expensive as you think – you can repurpose B2C software like Magento for your B2B needs. If you aren’t technically minded or don’t have an in-house team, you can get a custom store built from an experienced eCommerce development team

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